Terms Of Use

By entering and browsing our website and galleries, you agree to our terms & conditions. All text, images and design are copyright restricted and cannot be copied. All photographic images in our galleries are the in the ownership of the photographer, we do not own or are liable for any images uploaded to our platform, this is solely the responsibility of the photographer. If you purchase a license to use a photograph from our site, you have to follow the license restrictions that you purchased. At no point does the ownership of an image change when you purchase a license on our website. By using our site, registering and creating an account with us, you are bound by these rules and agree to them. You will hold Rockmountain Studios and it's Photographers free from any legal dispute arising from any images you have used or altered so to offend anybody. 
If you're unsure if you can use any images, or need special permission which goes outside the license agreement and this TOS, then please contact first before proceeding with the order.
All images used without our Mandatory Credit line below each and every image will be charged for failing to add credit line, which is €250 euro per image and place. If you copy an image without purchasing a license first, this will also be charged for stealing images. And we could commence legal action against you. 
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