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Purchasing finished artwork can be very difficult and sometimes tedious to find the right artwork for your home or business. You like a certain subject and colour and it has to fit in size too.

So more and more people has started to get custom artwork made to order, yes! Might sound a bit crazy to think that you could get a masterpiece re-painted (copied), however there are a few artist who has found this very rewarding, including myself.

Now, before we go any further, we are not talking about copies to defraud anyone, trying to sell them as originals. Also only artists who’s copyright has expired can be copied. A very strict check and research will be conducted before any work starts.

However, for anyone that love to have a Claude Monet on their wall, which is painted, not printed is a great way to have your favorite artist work on your wall and your friends and business clients will be amazed at the artwork you have. All copied work is signed as copies on the back.

Even museums use this when they need to do some work on the original one and place a copy on the wall without anyone knowing.

If you’re interested in getting a painting done for you, please contact me and let me know the artwork. And we can take it from there. click to use my online contact form

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